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What most people do...
Your Home...Asset or Liability?

Your home mortgage is perhaps the greatest lifetime liability you will ever have. 

Think about it. On a $200,000 mortgage at 7.5%, your monthly payment (principal & interest) would be $1,400.  Over the next 30-years, you will pay $304,000 in interest plus $200,000 principal for a total of $504,000.  If your home appreciates at an annual rate of 3.2% (CPI rate), you will just BREAK EVEN!

Traditional mortgages are "Front Loaded" to the max!
With a conventional 30-year mortgage, your principal payments won't begin to equal the interest payment until the 22nd year!

If managed properly though, it can help you accumulate wealth and financial security and become your greatest asset!

The sole purpose of this illustration is to explain conceptually how an Interest-only SMART LoanTM works. No actual offer is expressed or implied.  
Freedom Financial Services refers multiple lending sources to fund the SMARTLoan(TM) Concept.  All values are approximate based on amounts shown.  Investment assumes an annual return of 12%.  No particular investment or tax consequence is expressed or implied. Home value based on an average annual appreciation of 3.2%.