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The SMARTLoan(TM) makes $ense...
Save Hundreds of Dollars Each and Every Month!

Interest-only mortgage: $200,000 Interest rate: 7.5%
Monthly Payment: $1,000*

With an Interest-only mortgage, you pay only the interest portion amortized over 30-years...only $1,000 per month.
You save $400 per month over a conventional 30-year loan!*

If you invest the difference of $400 per month over the next 30-years, you could accumulate $1,411,000!* 

After paying-off your $200,000 loan, you will still have $1,211,000 PLUS a paid-off home worth $504,000!* 

Your Total Net Worth:  $1,715,000 dollars!

But Wait!   You Could Save Even More...
The sole purpose of this illustration is to explain conceptually how an Interest-only SMART LoanTM works. No actual offer is expressed or implied.  
Freedom Financial Services refers multiple lending sources to fund the SMARTLoan(TM) Concept.  All values are approximate based on amounts shown.  Investment assumes an annual return of 12%.  No particular investment or tax consequence is expressed or implied. Home value based on an average annual appreciation of 3.2%.