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The sole purpose of this illustration is to explain conceptually how an Interest-only SMART LoanTM works. No actual offer is expressed or implied.  

Freedom Financial Services(SM) is not a mortgage company or loan broker but refers multiple lending sources to fund the SMARTLoan(TM) Concept.  All values are approximate based on amounts shown.  Investment assumes an annual return of 12%.  No particular investment or tax consequence is expressed or implied. Home value based on an average annual appreciation of 3.2%.

But wait--what about the rest of your debts?

What if you could include them in your mortgage at a lower interest rate and using IRS Section 163, deduct the interest as well?
You Can...The Interest-Only SMARTLoan(TM)
with Debt Consolidation! Convenient and cost effective!

Car Loan:  $25,000 (8%) Credit Cards:  $10,000 (18%) 
Home: $200,000(7.5% fixed) Monthly Payment Before: $2,105 *

New Mortgage: $235,000  New Payment $1,469   Savings:  $636 Monthly Tax Savings: $411  Total Monthly savings: $1,047 *

If you invest only $500 (less than half) of your savings per month, in 30 years you would have accumulated $1,747,482*  
Pay off the principal, add the value of your home and your total net worth is over $2 million!* 

See how much YOU can save each month...
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