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About Freedom...

Freedom Advisory Services is a Registered Investment Advisory providing full service Financial Planning and Investment Advisor Services to individuals, families, and small businesses.  Together with Freedom Financial Services, we provide a holistic approach to helping you with your financial concerns. 

Freedom Advisory Services, LLC is built upon shared values of honesty, integrity, genuine concern for clients and respect for our associates. These values are central to our ability to realize the quality client partnerships and high performance standards that are Freedom's traditions. 

Serving Investors Since 1984...

Although Freedom Advisory Services was established in 2005, Freedom's principal and CEO has been serving investors for almost 27 years and that has been the foundation of our business success. We are founded on the principles of integrity and long-term personal relationships. Our mission is simple: to provide the best financial advice and service to our clients, helping them reach their Dreams & Goals.

Our Company...

Freedom is an independent, privately-owned, Financial Planning and Investment Advisory firm. Utilizing our deep expertise, our long-term focus and our belief that integrity is irreplaceable, we focus on great outcomes and how we achieve them for our individual, family, and business clients. 

Our Approach...

The Financial Planning industry as a whole, primarily focuses on the quantitative elements in your life in the formulation of a financial plan.  Your account values, exact expenditures, and specific financial goals are gathered in detail and calculated along with projected inflation figures, rates of return, and other factors to provide a detail-oriented money-centric representation of what your life will look like in the future.  

The main problem with this approach is that everything is translated in terms of its monetary value.  It is based on the assumption that your multi-dimensional life can be illustrated accurately in only two dimensions--profit and loss.   

Freedom takes a more holistic "Big Picture" approach incorporating the quantitative details along with the qualitative aspects to produce a financial plan that provides a myriad of options.  

After all, life is not about money but the options that money provides.  Money is simply the tool or the vehicle used to facilitate those options.  By comparison, our approach could be considered Life-centric.    

Investments & Services...  

You have total flexibility and control, coupled with the experience and personal service of a Freedom Advisor.  We take a holistic approach looking at the "big picture" while paying attention to the details.  We make sure that all financial decisions are consistent with your ultimate goals.

We offer investment solutions tailored to your unique circumstances, utilizing financial tools such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, IRAs, UITs, money markets, CDs, annuities, and other investment vehicles. In addition, we provide Tax Preparation and Planning, Estate Planning, Trust, and Insurance Services.

A Note Concerning the Current Market Volatility...

Freedom Advisory Services accurately predicted the bust and subsequent market correction; the residential real estate bubble, the mortgage market meltdown and current credit crunch.  Additionally, we accurately predicted the onset of a "serious-to-severe" economic recession which we are currently experiencing. 

It is not that we are psychic or prophetic. We don't have a crystal ball but we do have a "rear view mirror" and the resources to research the historical returns during different market cycles. 

We carefully reviewed the performance of specific asset classes during periods of recession and depression and found those that have historically done well during these periods.  We then designed our portfolios around these findings and modeled the results over time.  Of course, we make recommendations and customize portfolios to each client's specific situation.    

We strongly feel that we are strongly positioned to take advantage of this economic crisis and build our clients portfolios successfully over time with the ultimate goal of helping then reach their Dreams & Goals!  

For More Information...

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Welcome to Freedom! 

As Americans today, we all have Dreams & Goals!  Would you like to own a nicer home, drive better cars, take vacations or travel someday?

What about college education for the kids?  You know the more they learn, the more they can earn!

What about retirement?  Isn't your goal to be financially comfortable, able to travel, and do what you really want to do?

Our mission: to help you reach your Dreams & Goals while building financial security and independence for you and your family!

Although the average American 2-income family (yours & mine) will earn between $1-2 million dollars in their lifetimes, less than 4% will achieve financial independence.  WHY ?

The answer is SIMPLE...they don't have a plan!  We solve that problem by helping you design and implement the Personal Retirement Plan TM; a simple formula designed to help you succeed financially!

Freedom Financial Services provides Estate Planning, Tax Planning and Preparation, Trust, and Insurance Services to individuals, families, and small businesses.