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Hours before you arrive for work, ready to face the day's work from your desk, cubicle, workstation, or general place of employment, your editor is scouring the net, reviewing no less than 5 major financial newsites and reading through hundreds of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds.  He routinely reviews eNewsletters as well as subscribes to several publications sent only to accredited and institutional investors.

Why does he do this? 

Simple reason really:  So you don't have to. 

Although market tops and bottoms are impossible to predict with any accuracy, market trends can be spotted and provide a major "heads-up" to those who take the time and research seriously. 

  • Your editor personally helped investors in the mid-eighties avoid jumping into real estate limited partnerships and single premium insurance policies that unraveled, leading to IRS sanctions and finally the TAMRA Act in  1988.

  • Your editor personally guided investors through the market meltdown and "Black Monday" in 1987, helping them to quickly recover losses and generate profits.

  • Your editor helped investors avoid real estate investments throughout the early 90's which resulted in market lows in 1995.  
  • Freedom Investors were warned in 1998 about the popping of the tech and bubbles in 2000 through 2002.

  • Freedom Investors were warned as far back as 2004-2005 about the residential real estate bubble's buildup and inevitable collapse; the mortgage and credit market meltdown; and the current recession.

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