Financial Services

Services are provided by our fully trained Financial Services Professionals who have completed stringent State and Federal educational and licensing requirements.  Many hold degrees along with Industry designations.
Our Associates are paid directly by the Service Companies (like Travel Agents), for insurance products.  We have nominal (and affordable) fees for tax preparation, estate planning, and investment management!

Retirement Planning Services
Whether you're making plans for a long ways off or are already retired,  our professional, licensed and fully-trained Freedom Associates can help you reach your Dreams & Goals! 

Investment Management Services
Freedom Advisory Services, LLC provides investment advice and asset management on a fee-basis.  Freedom Advisory Services is a Registered Investment Advisory.

Mortgage Planning
We can help you prequalify for a home loan with one of the many reputable lenders we refer.  Our SMARTLoan Concept can show you how to FREE-up Hundreds of dollars each and every month!

Budget Planning Services
We can show you how to get out of, and stay out of debt for good!  An added plus: paying your bills on time builds GREAT Credit!

Estate Planning Resources
Offered by Freedom Associates and our Trust Attorneys.  Preserve the assets for which you worked a lifetime!  

Tax Preparation Services
Our Qualified Tax Preparers can help you save money by careful tax planning and preparation!
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